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AI Software

A high-tech Security Solution complemented by the AI Video Analytics software and Status-Monitoring App

Our Rapid Deployment Solution is equipped with an advanced AI-Powered software that analyzes video feed from real-time monitoring. With specialized techniques in managing big data & IoT, this software aids the process of target investigation through deep-learning to filter out important information. The system enables:

Increased operational efficiency as calculated decisions are made

Proactive management of operations

Improved flexibility of manpower management

AI-Powered Video Analytics

Our state-of-the-art software, AI Video Analytics, is able to recognize and determine temporal and spatial events. Examples include:

This technical capability is designed to the operations of collection, analysis and dissemination of information in the physical environment by using mobile, IoT, AI, and Big Data technology.

Rapid Deployment Solution combines with AI Video Analytics, it equips the process of investigating the record and real-time monitoring the facilities. Collects data through analyzing the video feed by using the deep learning powered video analytics platform. The data empowers operators to make calculated decisions to enhance operational efficiency, through proactive management of the operations, and identification of opportunities to improve the flexibility of manpower management. Examples include:

Object Detection and Tracking

Environment Sensoring

People Counting

Behaviour Analysis

People and Object Recognition

Data Management

Status-Monitoring App

Beat the Time, Location and Service Constraint

We are excited to launch our new mobile app that can monitor the status of functioning RDUs in any location. The App is created in the hopes that event monitoring can be carried out conveniently with a mobile device or a tablet wherever you are.

Coming Soon…