OT Systems: East Kowloon Marathon – Rapid Deployment CCTV Solution


The Marathon was taken place on 8th Jan, 2017 in Kowloon, Hong Kong. As reported, there were more than 15,000 runners participating the annual event including 10km, semi-marathon, and 32.195km races.

To ensure the safety of runners and crowd, the organizer was aware of the need of enhancing surveillance and monitoring of the event at various locations. However, installing fixed surveillance points was not cost-effective whatsoever for such 1-day event, and literally no power supply or cabling was available at those locations where enhanced surveillance was needed. In order to enhance the safety of sudden surge of crowd at the event entrances and adjacent public transport stands. OT Systems sponsored the grand event with their compact All-in-one Rapid Deployment CCTV Cart. solution enhanced live monitoring for crowd safety at the event where CCTV is of shortage. Its modular, self-operating design also eased the concern that no power or cabling is available at the surveillance points.

OT Systems Rapid Deployment CCTV Solution is an instant, intelligent and highly mobile security modular system that supports customized integration and built with PTZ IP cameras, batteries, Wi-Fi/4G router, emergency lighting, PA equipment, etc. on a (max.) 6-metre aluminium pneumatic mast.

The system can also be powered by AC/solar power, the CCTV cart features high mobility, quick and easy installation and ensure uninterrupted operation that ideally for temporary, urgently deployed and highly mobile surveillance without fixed installation.