Rapid Deployment Mobile Surveillance Solution for Construction Sites Monitoring

Does your Construction Manager or Procurement Specialist have such troubles?

Owing to the limitation of construction environment, it is high possibility to have a variety of issues since weak protective awareness of material and equipment management and public safety. To ensure the personnel and property safety, it’s necessary to install the CCTVs for remote control to record videos. Those videos can be important evidences. However, if traditional CCTV surveillance is installed. The cost is wasted once it’s dismantled. Moreover, it spends so much time to monitor the screen.

Wireless & Mobile Security System / Intelligent Recognition

Our rapid deployment CCTVs comes with signal transmission equipment; no need to connect wires can be used. Also, it is high mobility without limitation of the fixed range. Rapid deployment CCTV’ AI video analysis technology can recognize automatically such as:

  • Quantity of people or object, external appearance, or triggered events. That is, truthfully calculate the actual quantity of people or cars.
  • If staffs in the construction site don’t obey the rules to wear the helmet, the screen will show the warning immediately.
  • Once detect unknown fire in the construction site or abnormal condition on the screen, the warning will be started up right away.
  • Track the clothing color of particular people.
  • Detect the movement of people or object and regional invasion behavior to instantly curb through a two-way broadcast system

Once abnormal situation shows on the screen immediately and return the signal back to control center or specified people. Emergencies can be dealt immediately.

Construction site wireless monitoring topology
Construction site wireless monitoring topology

Rapid Deployment Mobile Surveillance Solution for Construction Sites Monitoring

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