Coastal Monitoring of Marine Refuse

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Smart City Solutions

The OTS Rapid Deployment system is not only ideal for temporary and urgent monitoring, but also for various Smart City applications with the help of AI-powered video analytics, sensoring and detection, and big data etc.

The Project background

OT Systems Rapid Deployment Monitoring System was engaged in the project to guard the cleanliness of the city’s shorelines.

Marine litter is defined as solid waste, discarded or lost material yielded by human activities and that have entered into the sea, lake or ocean. The water flow of ocean forms the accumulation of marine litter on shorelines. It contaminates the environment and destroys the scenic view of our city’s coastline. The smell and problem in hygiene cause nuisance to resident and to the wildlife animals.

The Concern

Marine litter has been defined by UN Environment as “any persistent, manufactured or processed solid material discarded, disposed of or abandoned in the marine and coastal environment”. Due to water flowing into oceans, the accumulation of marine litter is formed on the shorelines. These waste materials contaminate the environment and destroy the scenic view of Hong Kong city’s coastline. The pungent smell and poor hygiene cause nuisance to residents and wildlife animals living along the coastline.

The Solution
OT Systems Rapid Deployment Monitoring System was engaged for the project to guard the cleanliness of the city’s shorelines. The Rapid Deployment Monitoring System consists of a tough stainless-steel case, a self-powering solar charging generator and wireless 4G router. Its high competency allows it to be installed in harsh environments without electricity and network infrastructure. Additionally, its IP camera can record crystal clean images of marine waste flow on a 24-hour daily basis, stored onto a local storage. The data captured is then conveyed by a high-speed transmission device, so staff members are able to observe in real-time the status of different shorelines. The AI-powered video analytics software can send alerts to government officers for critical decision making and dispatching personnel to clear up the shorelines. The software also allows the officers to study reports on sources of the marine waste and hence, launch policies to reduce contamination.

Problems to Solve

► Monitoring of coastal safety and cleanliness

► Very rough terrain

► 360 degree monitoring with VA

► Power/cabling/mounting unavailable on sites

Light Rapid Deployment Security Cart