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OT Systems Ltd stands with everyone for dragging on coronavirus outbreak. Rapid Deployment Body Temperature Detection Cart for checking body temperature in anytime and anywhere such as school, commercial building and construction site entrance to secure public health.

How it Works?

Body Temperature Detection Cart integrated with designed portal and RD unit. Detect abnormal body or object temperature. Trigger alarm to alert frontline personnel.

OTS fever detection is Body Temperature Detection Tower

Solution Features

OTS fever detection thermal cam image

Thermal Camera

The Thermal Camera has a high-speed ability to scan multiple human temperatures. Can set temperature detection range, and optimal detection distance up to 9m.

OTS fever detection_alert system

Alarm Attention

The system can perform high-precision detection and trigger real-time alert when abnormal temperature is detected.

Thermal image Capture and Designed Portal

Thermal image Capture & Designed Portal

► AI human and object detection.

► Showing temperature of each detected person.

► Snap-shot of person with abnormal temperature detected.

► Temperature exception alarm function.

► Multi thermal camera connection, event log with outstanding video capture for review.

Rapid Deployment

Body Temperature Detection Cart

►  Stand alone system

►  Streamlined design, with high mobility capability

►  Ultra lightweight

►  Wide range detection

►  Snapshot when abnormal temp detected

►  Record management


OTS Body Temperature Detection Tower applications

Shopping Mall / Construction Site / Office Lobby /
School / Child Care Center

Dragging on Coronavirus outbreak! Check the OT Systems' Rapid Deployment Body Temperature Detection Cart

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