Rapid Deployment Security Solution

immediate and intelligent all-in-one security system for private and public safety

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Product Background

Our all-in-one rapid deployment solution originated from a simple concept of installing an IP camera and battery in a car to replace fixed surveillance systems. However, we faced a number of restrictions due to its large and heavy size. The narrow and crowded streets in Hong Kong served many limitations on the car’s mobility and surveillance area. Over the years, our developers strived to solve this problem by creating lighter and more sustainable mobile CCTV units that can be deployed anywhere, anytime.

Currently, our lightest model weighs only 40kg, and can be installed by single manpower. Equipped with a stable self-powered hardware, and a state-of-the-art software, our Rapid Deployment CCTV Solution aims to solve today’s challenges facing security personnel, such as:

Unpredictable threats

Change of incident locations

Urgent surveillance

Harsh environments that threaten personal safety

Ineffective surveillance e.g. unavailability of electricity, communication and lighting

Product Features

OT Systems Rapid Deployment CCTV Solution is an instant, intelligent and highly mobile security modular system that supports customized integration of equipment such as:

IP cameras

Wireless devices

Emergency lighting

PA equipment

Retractable pneumatic mast

The system can be powered by batteries, AC power or solar power, ensuring uninterrupted operation that is ideal for temporary, urgently deployed and highly mobile surveillance needs.

Rapidly Deployable
  • User-friendly
  • Quick installation
  • Simple configuration
  • Towable
  • High mobility
  • 24/7 operation
  • Weatherproof
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Monitoring & Analytics
  • Illuminating & Broadcasting
  • Customization


AI Video Analytics

OT Systems Rapid Deployment CCTV Solution is an intelligent and highly mobile security and IoT solution. Our system collects Big Data with trouble free installation in locations lack of wired electricity and network cable.

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The OTS’ Rapid Deployment Solutions-Ideal system for you:Providing flexibility for temporary and permanent surveillance with the State-monitoring-App. The APP support an effective GPS & HD camera which allow the partial enlargement function.

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