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“RD Pandemic Guard Terminal” is a non-contact solution that uses AI facial recognition technology, combined with access control, time attendance tracking and temperature detection to effectively implement anti-epidemic measures. All information will be stored on back-end-system and administrator could check on that.

"RD Pandemic Guard Terminal" Features

►  Movable, Plug-and play and No Installation Needed!
►  Access control attendance by facial recognition
►  Body temperature detection: trigger real-time voice + LED alert when abnormal temperature is detected
►  Voice alert if no wear mask
►  Manage daily log records and personnel health
►  Exclusive Hand Sanitizing

How it Works?

how to use the OTS Pandemic Guard Terminal


Pandemic Guard Terminal applications

Commercial Building Entrance / Office Entrance / Training & Seminar / Large Meeting

Dragging on Coronavirus outbreak! Check the OT Systems' Rapid Deployment Pandemic Guard Terminal

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