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Smart City Applications

At OTS, we strive to build Hong Kong into a world class smart city through implementing our security solution for various needs.

Public Events Monitoring

Providing security for large public events is an increasing demand. Our rapid deployment unit (RDU) operates under a self-supplied electricity and wireless networking solution to combat the difficulties of data collection during these events.


Construction Site Monitoring

Industrial accidents and vandalism surge high costs to the construction industry. A thorough recording system is a considerable solution to prevent accidents caused by workers’ neglect of safety. Our RDU can be quickly installed on harsh construction grounds and is able to operate under self-supplied electricity and wireless networking solutions.

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Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is crucial to maintaining sustainability of the earth. Video-based data collected from our RDU can assist the measurement of environmental protection strategies in coastal areas. The analyzed results can be used to further improve these strategies, and therefore reduce and prevent environmental contamination.


Law Enforcement

The government is actively combatting issues of illegal dumping in public leisure space and around the urban city. Setting up surveillance cameras at dumping hotspots can effectively deter fly-tippers. Our RDU provides a trouble-shoot installation by having its own electricity and network supply. This surveillance solution curbs the constraints and difficulties generated from cooperation between departments.