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The construction industry lays the foundation for national economic and social developments. However, various problems often occur due to limitations of the construction environment, faulty management of equipment and materials, and poor awareness of public safety. Therefore, ways to ensure safety of construction workers and proper management of building materials have been a major aim of construction units and respective departments. To maintain progress and efficiency, installation of video surveillance is needed to remotely monitor construction sites to allow instant communication between workers and immediate handling of emergencies.

In most cases, there are different key monitoring areas at each stage of a construction project. During the excavation stage, surveillance is required to ensure safety of workers digging in deep pits; whereas during the ground construction stage, the focus lands on people working at the scaffoldings. Other projects, such as landscape construction, often lack fully equipped barriers, therefore security personnel are needed on-site to guard the entrances as well as off-site for remote monitoring of the whole area. With the above examples, it shows that monitoring positions adjust according to each project and its stages.

CCTV with Construction Monitoring
Construction sites are often temporary. It is not suitable to use traditional wired video surveillance.


  1. Construction sites are often temporary. It is not suitable to use traditional wired video surveillance.
  2. Fixed-point monitoring is difficult to set up and the input cost is high.
  3. The key monitoring area of ​​the construction project will change according to the construction progress, but fixed-point monitoring cannot change locations freely.
  4. The installation of fixed-point monitoring will cause damage to the construction site. It takes time and manpower to remove the units upon project completion.
  5. Traditional wired video surveillance application is excessive consumption on human resources to monitor images.

Rapid Deployment Security Solution of AI Video Analysis / Construction Site of IoT Application

Nowadays, most of enterprises adopt the traditional wired video equipment. It will consume more redundant manpower and time to monitor images. Rapid deployment system is “intellectual” solution which is provided with intelligent video analysis technology with linkage warning function. The integration of smart surveillance system will be higher efficient.
Rapid deployment of AI video analysis can make calculation application for behavior recognition. Also, to recognize and judge people, objects, events, and behavior on the screen. Under certain conditions, rapid deployment system will not only show the warning but also return back to control center or designated department simultaneously.

Three main prevention points at construction site:
Building material and management of site staff, Labor safety, and Overall construction progress.

Utilizing rapid deployment is to recognize automatically: quantity of people or object, external appearance of people or object such as staffs wear helmet or not? The target's wearing color, and so on. Or, the event is triggered as detection movement of people or object, regional invasion behavior, and so on. AI video analysis is helpful on immediate surveillance image. Throughout deep learning to make important messages filtered. After that, it contributes to aim at investigation process. The big data collection of rapid deployment for AI video analysis make the construction site safer in the future.

24 HR Control Center
Overall Control the Construction Site

Construction site wireless monitoring topology-OT Systmes Rapid deployment security solutions

The mobile surveillance system includes three parts – recording facility, wireless transmission systems and monitoring centres. An IP camera is used for live imaging collection and encoding. The coded information is then transmitted to the monitoring centre via the wireless transmission system stored in the unit. The real-time video recording can be viewed through app on mobile devices or PC laptops.

The control center is composed of professional personnel. The main services are: 1. Monitor and handle warning notices, 2. Notification and immediate response of emergency events, 3. Site maintenance job and abnormal exclusion, 4. Big data collection. Our team is your strong back-up. It is undoubtedly to manage the construction site and save more time and human resources for you.

Advantages of using OT Systems Rapid Deployment (RD) Security Solution:

  1. Simple installation:
    No electricity or network cabling is required. Ready to use immediately. Its flexible arm and body allow it to be installed in places with environmental restrictions.
  2. Wireless transmission:
    Local signal transmission system that supports WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTN and other signals to allow efficient and stable long-distance transmission.
  3. Remote monitoring:
    OTS RD security solution is an integrated monitoring system that can be used independently. It can also be connected to an existing monitoring centre or remotely monitored using a mobile app.
  4. AI video analysis:
    analyze the video input from immediate monitoring. Autonomously monitor the operation to higher the management efficiency and the flexibility of human management.
  5. Great stability and efficiency:
    It comes with a retractable pneumatic mast and a 360° rotating infrared HD camera. Each unit has multiple sets of batteries and solar panels to support 24-hour uninterrupted video recording. The collected data is then stored in the local NAS or in the Cloud.
  6. Customized service:
    Equipment can be customized according to the needs of different environments. Other devices, such as air dust detection, noise detection, PM2.5, lighting, two-way voice, and temperature and humidity detection can be installed.
  7. Cost-efficient:
    OTS RD security solution can be reused multiple times. It can also provide monitoring services for multiple sites during the same period to save wiring as well as construction, demolition and maintenance costs. Overall, it is a profitable investment.

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