Mobile Surveillance Smart Traffic Solution Drives Urban Governance

Mobile Surveillance Smart Traffic Solution Drives Urban Governance


Smart City means to apply different innovation and technology concept into the systems and services of urban management so as to enhance resource efficiency, utilize urban management and services and better citizen’s quality of life.

Smart Traffic Control is one of the focuses of urban governance. The traffic system is the blood vessel of a city. It facilitates the development of business and infrastructures, and promotes cultural and technological development. The efficiency of urban operation would then be enhanced which makes urban governance more comprehensive.

Other than relieving the traffic problems, it integrates the security systems of the police and improves public security. As the smart city solution humanizes the city and fulfills the trend of smart environment, it achieves sustainable development. The coming traffic system focuses on planning and management. It changes the concept from “setting a vehicle-based system” to “developing a sustainable traffic environment with elements of security, user-friendliness, comfort, and health”.

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OT Systems in China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre Hong Kong Open Lab, Test 5G Network through Traffic Surveillance

OT Systems in China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre Hong Kong Open Lab

Test 5G Network through Traffic Surveillance

China Mobile Hong Kong, a telecommunication corporation, held the grand opening of the China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre and Hong Kong Open Lab at Hong Kong Science Park on 17 Apr. OT Systems was invited to showcase their Mobile Surveillance Solution on excessive speeding prevention to conduct 5G test.

During the day, OT Systems set a mobile surveillance station in Hong Kong Science Park, the live surveillance video would send to the management platform at the Hong Kong Open Lab through 5G wireless network. Meanwhile, with AI deep-learning, the system could recognize related vehicle information such as vehicle type, speed and number plate, and determine whether there is excessive speeding. The bandwidth of 5G network could support the transmission of 4K ultra HD surveillance videos. It would increase the accuracy of AI analysis and transmission speed.

OT Systems is focusing more on the development of smart city solutions on mobile surveillance with AIoT and Big Data technology. Meanwhile, we will continue to try different new technology and development various smart city solutions proactively. We strive to facilitate the development of smart city and improve the quality of life in Hong Kong.

Alex Cheng, Principal Engeer of China Mobile Hong Kong, explained the Traffic Surveillance Solution of OT Systems. (Mobile Surveillance Station of OT Systems)

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First Mobile Solution in the Security Industry Reduces Accident Rate

First Mobile Solution in the Security Industry Reduces Accident Rate

Smart city has become a major trend in today's urban development, the monitoring system is also moving forward to a smart transformation. To reduce accident rate significantly, OT Systems has developed a unique mobile IoT solution, a one-stop integration solution which ensures the safety of staff and controls the access.

    • breaks the limitations of fixed monitoring
    • greatly enhances industry management capabilities in data acquisition & software and hardware integration systems.

Provides End-to-End Solutions and Services for Smart City Applications

Provides End-to-End Solutions and Services for Smart City Applications
Provides End-to-End Solutions and Services for Smart City Applications

    • Intelligent AI Analysis:

      Using deep learning to prevent accident effectively and promote the concept of public safety.

    • Position Tracking/Accident Alarm:

      Prevent accidents in workplace using different technologies. Set access control for staff with different positions and vehicles with different purposes, reduce the risk of robbery and theft; an alarm will be issued proactively to the safety officer when there is accident.

    • Management Platform and Data Report:

      Manage HR information, generate a report with big data on all safety-related incidents and personnel management materials for training planning and operations management, while making project decisions efficient with lower risk.

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Guardian of Smart City-OT Systems Mobile Surveillance and Big Data Solution

Smart cities have become a major trend in today's urban development. The popularity of technology has greatly improved the quality of life of the people. It has also enabled the company to save costs from the traditional management model. As a hot topic in recent years, the monitoring system is also undergoing a smart transformation. OT Systems recently released "Mobile Surveillance + Big Data Solution", a set of artificial intelligence CCTV system with learning and judgment, integrated security system solutions for big data applications, widely used in construction sites and environmental protection, It can play a role in preventing crime and environmental sanitation and safeguarding the safety of citizens and society.

Mobile surveillance + big data solutions at construction sites

The construction industry laid the foundation for national economic and social development. However, due to the limitations of the construction environment, poor management of equipment and materials, and a lack of public safety awareness, various problems often arise. In view of this, OT Systems' mobile monitoring system can improve the traditional monitoring problems, such as: high installation costs, insufficient mobility, damage to the construction site and a lot of human resources.

OT Systems' "smart" solution provides three main prevention points for the construction site through intelligent video analytics and linkage warnings: on-site personnel building materials and management, labor safety and overall construction progress. Its monitoring system is highly mobile, simple to install, requires no power or network cabling, and supports 24 hours of uninterrupted video recording through multiple battery packs and solar panels. In addition, the system supports local signal transmission systems such as WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTN, etc., which is highly efficient and stable. It can be connected to an existing monitoring center through long-distance transmission or remotely monitored using a mobile application. The AI empowered ​​video analysis in it helps to monitor the image immediately. Through in-depth learning, filtering important information and automatic identification, such as: the number of people or objects, the appearance of people or objects, etc., improve management efficiency and flexibility of human management. OT Systems' systems can be tailored to the needs of different environments, such as airborne dust detection, noise detection, PM2.5, lighting, two-way voice and temperature and humidity detection. In addition, the OTS RD security solution can be reused multiple times. It also provides monitoring services for multiple sites during the same period to save on wiring and construction, teardown and maintenance costs.

Through OT Systems' mobile monitoring system, it can effectively improve the three aspects of construction sites:

  1. Accident prevention: Various techniques are used to effectively prevent accidents at the construction site, such as dangerous work, lifting safety, electric shock, and hardware equipment wear.
  2. Safety and Health Measurement: Institutionalized control and control of different job attributes of construction workers and vehicles of different purposes in and out, the robbery or theft that may occur inside the customs site, and the health status of the staff at any time.
  3. Personnel/Event Management Platform: Immediately verify worker qualifications and licenses through wireless sensing technology, and do not accept workers who do not meet the eligibility criteria. At the same time, it is also possible to save attendance or any fault records for reference inspection.


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Monitor littering, illegal dumping of waste, and sanitation

Littering and illegal dumping of waste will not only damage the environment and affect the health of the public, but will also jeopardize city's international image. Through intelligent video analysis technology, government officials can be assisted in formulating corresponding policies, and relevant departments can be quickly assigned to the site for cleaning to improve environmental sanitation.


Crime Buster, Reduces the Crime Rate

OT Systems' surveillance systems also have the ability to reduce the rate of crime. By setting up a monitoring system for crime hotspots, it can not only be vigilant and deterrent, but also 24 hours of uninterrupted video recording, storing the collected data in a local NAS or cloud, and also acting as a relevant law enforcement agency after the crime occurs. Provide evidence to reduce the chance of crime.


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Leaflet: Smart City Mobile surveillance + Big Data Solutions

Smart Integrated Solution Improve Your City

OT Systems Mobile Surveillance + Big Data Solution is an intelligent and highly mobile
security and IoT solution. Our system collects Big Data with trouble free installation in
locations lack of wired electricity and network cable.