What We Provide

IoT Smart Rapid Deployment Security Solution

All-in-one Rapid Deployment Security Solution

OT Systems is Hong Kong’s leading provider of mobile and wireless rapid deployment CCTVs. We offer the solution when fixed surveillance is unattainable, unsustainable and unproductive.

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AI software

Artificial Intelligence Powered Video Analytics

Our highly-advanced system is integrated with an AI Powered Video Analytics software that offers real-time monitoring of events at an enhanced operational efficiency.

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Mobile and Wireless Rapid Deployment Security Solution

Customized Rapid Deployment Units

As a project-based company, we value our customers’ needs. At OTS, we offer a selection of models that best suits your requirements. Customization is also available upon request.

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Smart City Applications

Construction Site Monitoring

Sites are closely monitored for project overviews and to ensure health and safety of workers.

Waste Disposal Monitoring

To combat issues of illegal dumping in public areas, monitoring is required to effectively deter and arrest the offenders.

Coastal Monitoring

We offer temporary monitoring on coastal areas where electricity and cabling are not always available. The analysis of marine pollution is used to track its origin and make suitable arrangements to clean up the coastlines.

Public Events Monitoring

Models are installed at designated spots for crowd monitoring and management during public events. Our 24-hour AI Powered Video Analytics provide real-time human & object detection and tracking.

Crime Monitoring

Public safety can be ensured by installing our RDUs at hotspots where crime and anti-social behavior often occur.

Why Us

How we make your business smarter

Reduce manpower and increase efficiency by using AI Video Analytics

All-rounded service that provides installation, deployment and monitoring

Customized models to solve individual customer’s needs

Technical service and upgrades

Latest News


OT Systems and China Mobile’s First 5G IoT Solution

OTS mobile surveillance solution was invited by China Mobile (Hong Kong) for the demonstration of 5G technology in Hong Kong Science Park on 10 and 15 January 2019. The IoT solution illustrated the speed comparison between 4G & 5G network. OT Systems Ltd mobile surveillance aims to offer a prompt availability and flexible deployment in extreme environment.

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A perfect Blend of Be Alarmed Ltd & OT SYSTEMS Ltd

A Perfect Blend of Be Alarmed Ltd & OT Systems Ltd

We are thrilled to announce the partnership has been formed up by Be Alarmed Ltd and OT Systems Ltd in New Zealand. Be Alarmed will distribute OT Systems’ IoT surveillance solutions and provide local service support.

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Rapid Deployment Mobile Surveillance Solution for Construction Sites Monitoring

Rapid Deployment Mobile Surveillance Solution for Construction Sites Monitoring

Owing to the limitation of construction environment, to ensure the personnel and property safety, it’s necessary to install the CCTVs for remote control to record videos. Our Rapid Deployment Solution can help for Construction Sites Monitoring more easy.

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About OTS

OT Systems is a Hong Kong-based company founded in the early 2000s. With a continued focus on providing innovative communication and networking solutions, the company has grown to become Hong Kong’s leading manufacturer and provider of mobile and wireless rapid deployment CCTV solutions. We hope to expand our businesses worldwide and implement the most up-to-date technology in our product line.