It has become increasingly important to control the spread of Coronavirus through monitoring key symptoms, such as a fever.
In response to recent global pandemic, it is advisable to conduct regular checks of body temperature for persons entering any communal areas in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment for the wider community. Large scale crowd body temperature detection is proven to be the best defence and an effective measure as high body temperature is often the most conspicuous symptoms of any viral diseases.

# Solution 1
Rapid Deployment Body Temperature Detection Cart

OT Systems Ltd stands with everyone for dragging on coronavirus outbreak. Rapid Deployment Body Temperature Detection Cart for checking body temperature in anytime and anywhere such as school, commercial building and construction site entrance to secure public health.

Rapid Deployment

Body Temperature Detection Cart

►  Stand alone system

►  Streamlined design, with high mobility capability

►  Ultra lightweight

►  Wide range detection

►  Snapshot when abnormal temp detected

►  Record management

# Solution 2
Rapid Deployment Pandemic Guard Terminal

- Movable, Plug-and play and No Installation Needed! -

“RD Pandemic Guard Terminal” is a non-contact solution that uses AI facial recognition technology, combined with access control, time attendance tracking and temperature detection to effectively implement anti-epidemic measures. All information will be stored on back-end-system and administrator could check on that.

Pandemic Guard Solution

Dragging on Coronavirus outbreak! Check the OT Systems' Rapid Deployment Pandemic Guard Solutions

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